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PATNA । Mrs Chhaya Mishra,vice president of Advocates Association has demanded announcent of Advocates Welfare fund in the proposed annual budget of Bihar government   .

In a memorandum to the deputy chief minister,Samrat Chaudhury who holds finance portfolio,Mrs Chhaya Mishra said an annual allocation of Rs ten crores welfare fund for 1.15 lakh lawyers in Bihar should be made
She said,in Gujarat,the then chief minister,Narendra Modi had initiated creation of Advocates Welfare Fund which continues even now.Gujarat chief minister,Bhupinder Patel this year too announced creation of RS five crores welfare fund for lawyers.
Compared to Gujarat,Bihar is much bigger in number of lawyers enrolled in the different courts from sub_ divisional courts to Patna High Court,hence Bihar should have RS ten crores welfare fund
She also suggested Rs 20 lakhs insurance cover for each and every lawyer and RS ten lakhs annual mediclaims for the advocates .
Mrs Chhaya Mishra also
requested the long pending demand for introduction of the Advocates Protection Act should be discussed in the legislature.She recalled in the recent past,incidents of attack on lawyers in Bihar have increased and last week,a lawyer of Muzaffarpur was assaulted brutally by the police engaged in checking of papers of vehicles on the highway.

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