Two Day Patna Mind Fest Kicked Off With A Bang, Thousands Flocked To Bihar Museum For India Quiz, Cryptic Crossword and Word Bee Contest start

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Patna, 22 June : Patna Mind Fest, an annual event designed to stimulate mind and foster spirit of learning and competition, began on Saturday at Bihar, Museum Patna. Former Chief Secretary of Bihar, Sri Tripurari Sharan, RERA-Bihar Chairman, Sri Vivek Kumar Singh and Bihar Museum Director Sri Rahul Kumar and Sri Sanjay Kumar, Commissioner, MGNREGA inaugurated the two day event organised jointly every year by IAS Officers Association (Bihar Branch), Bihar Museum and Extra-C
Patna Mind Fest Is Marker of Vibrance In Our Society: Sri Tripurari Sharan
Extending his best wishes to the participant, the Chief Guest Sri Tripurari Sharan said “activities like these, especially in our state, are marker of vibrance in our society. Patna Mind Fest is the marker of collective ability of people of Bihar.” Sharing anecdote of such fest at IIT Delhi in late 70’s he urged students to participate in these events. He said, “These competitions and events are window to a larger world of mind which is open to you to explore how creative, enthusiastic you are about participating in such events. These are the stepping stone to much larger world of joy and festivity.”
Ultimate Winners are Those Who Go Beyond Books: Sri Vivek Singh
Bureaucrat by profession and crossword wizard by passion Sri Vivek Singh underlined the importance of Patna Mind Fest. He said, “grabbing All India Rank in competitive exams is commendable, but in the long run ultimate winners are those who has good experience, exposure and wisdom. Bihar is the land of knowledge. It is much more than the land that gives IITian, medical professionals and civil servants.” The brain and soul behind the PMF Sri Vivek Singh shared his vision with the participants. He said “to promote quizzing culture in Bihar and create a pool of talent who could compete with those at Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, etc we have initiated series of Mind Fests. The idea is to have two days of solid entertaining, fun and education. ”
134 Teams Participated In The India Quiz
134 teams participated in the India Quiz to compete with each other navigating through 25 questions of 30 marks. Contestants were evaluated in school, college and overall college in prelims. While the top eight teams made their way to the finals where three top three scorers bagged the prize-
First Prize: Team Rosogolla Revolutioneries (Samanway Banerjee, Piyush Kedia)
Second Prize: Team Tihar To Bihar (Bishal, Gokul, Raktim)
Third Prize: Team Going Through A Faiz (Shashank, Ankita, Ayush)
165 Competed In Cryptic Crossword Contest
At least 165 people including students participated, individually, in the cryptic crossword contests. Speed and accuracy were the parameters on which the contestants were evaluated for solving 27 cryptic clues. To provide fair competitive platform, participants were evaluated in school, college and open categories. Winners are as follows-
Cryptic Crossword: School Category Winners
First Prize: Ankush Raj (Red Rose School, Deoghar)
Second Prize: Vaibhav Shekhar (DPS, Patna)
Third Prize: Anusha Kumar (DPS, Patna)
Cryptic Crossword: College Category Winners
First Prize: Vandita Vidisha (Miranda House)
Second Prize: Chaitanya Prabhakar (Delhi University)
Third Prize: Aman Kumar (GEC-Vaishali)
Cryptic Crossword: Open Category Winners
First Prize: Adya Singh (VPW, ISKCON)
Second Prize: Ayush Awasthi
Third Prize: Gokul S
111 Word Bees in PMF
111 individuals and team participated to showcase and test their talent in the Word Bee contest. Evaluation was done on the basis of correctness of 25 jumbled words in the prelims. Top eight competed in the finals. Top three winners are as follows-
First Prize: Team Rosogolla Revolutioneries (Samanway Banerjee, Piyush Kedia)
Second Prize: Team Tihar To Bihar (Bishal, Gokul, Raktim)
Third Prize: Eccentric Blitezers (Chaitanya, Vandita, Pakhi)
The second day of PMF will have creative writing and the general quiz contest and the proze distribution ceremony.

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