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Patna/buxar; Chausa ,a small tien,120 kms west from here turned into a battle field last evening as local kisans and police were logged into a pitched fight .

According to the district magistrate of Buxar,Anshul Agarwal,kisans who had been agitating to press their 11 points demands became violent when police attempted to remove them from the dharna place at the gate of a private power company.

He claimed six policemen
i including the sub divisional police officer were hurt in private firings from the mob .He alleged kisans pelted stones on the policemen

Later,police from different police stations swung into action.DIG of Shahabad range,Navin Chandra Jha arrived at Chausa and took control of the situation

Local villagers alleged policemen damaged the CCTVs installed on their houses ,forced their entry into the rooms.They alleged police assaulted the aged parents,children and did not spare even women.

Local women showed the marks of injuries on different parts of their bodies.One of them was hit on head ,while another showed lathi marks on her thigh.

A private company had acquired 1050 acres of land in 2019 for construction of 1320 megawatt capacity power plant.Company had acquired land with promise to give one job in each of families whose land were acquired.

Kisans have alleged compensation was not paid to them nor given employment

They had launched dharna at plant gate on September 21 last year.

Chausa is a historical place as it led to the collapse of Mughal period when Humayun was defeated by the founder of Shuri kingdom led by Shershah in 1539 .

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