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Patna : Mr justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh ,new chief justice of Orissa High Court,Cuttack felicitated by Mrs Chhaya Mishra,vice president of Advocates Association   at Patna High Court on Monday

With Justice Chakradhari Sharan Singh,who has been elevated as chief justice of Orissa High Court,Cuttack
Presented as bouquet by  Vice President of Advocates Association,Mrs Chhaya Mishra at Patna High Court

Mr Singh worked as legal correspondent of a national English daily before being elavated as a Judge of Patna High Court.He was a member of the collegium too

Union law and justice ministry on Saturday had issued notification for appointing him as Chief Justice of Orissa High Court.
On Monday,there was a full court reference to bid farewell to Justice Singh by the chief justice,all judges,advocate general and office bearers of the advocates association . Mrs Singh and his two children also attended the farewell party.

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