New delhi: I too enjoyed Deepawali in ITBP: PM modi

New delhi: I too enjoyed Deepawali in ITBP: PM modi
Law kumar mishra
New delhi: Our Prime Minister,Sri Narendra Modi celebrate Deepawali in ITBP camp at Lepcha in HP., I too was privileged to had celebrated Deepawali in an  ITBP  camp,,Pantha Chauk,Srinagar in 1999 during my Naukari in the The Times of India.Had developed friendship with a commandant who incidentally was from Bihar.He took me to the family quarters in his Jeep,faced frisking near the 15 corps headquarters -Badamibag cantonments.i was asked to “inaugurate” the celebrations by firing from a handgun ,not crackers.I could fire three rounds .Then ,family members of the officers joined us .Literally Bada Khana was there and customary Drinks.
I was made to stay in the quarters.Next morning,tea and breakfast in the company of  his fellow officers.Had exchanged their and mine
experiences.One of them said” I could notice the anger in the eyes of an unscheduled visitor in the morning .He was wearing pheran,I suspected and instantly fired.My alert securitymen  checked him when he fell down and found he was carrying a gun, obviously I was the target( Maine uski aankhon me apni maut dekhi aur mai sahi tha).
Another officer who was attached in the security of VVIPs had praise for L K Adwani,little compliment for TN Seshan and no appreciation for Mayawati.Adwani ensured all men had their food before they joined him on his tour,Mayawati never offered them even tea,Seshan used to be rough and tough even in words


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