Nitish is a statesman,says Ranbir Nandan

Nitish is a statesman,says Ranbir Nandan

Law Kumar Mishra

Patna: Senior JDU leader and former MLC,Prof Ranbir Nandan on Tuesday lauded the chief minister,Nitish Kumar for his statesman ship during the G 20 summit dinner in New Delhi.
Prof Ranbir said by accepting the invitation to join the dinner ,Nitish Kumar showed an exemplary statesmanship .He  ignored his political differences with Mr Narendra Modi in greater national interested.Hr shook hands with Mr Modi and greeted the visiting USA president,Joe Widen.
On the other hand regretted the action of Congress leader,Rahul Gandhi who criticised the PM abroad while G20 summit was going in.Rahul showed political immaturity by questioning expenses during the summit which was attended by world leaders.


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