Normalization of China-India relations will benefit the whole world: Rita Chen

Normalization of China-India relations will benefit the whole world: Rita Chen


New Delhi: She is in her late 30s and at her age what she is doing, many of her contemporaries can only think of. Armed with tremendous nerve, sheer patience, robust optimism and iron determination, she has been carving a niche for herself and her ‘Nohen Garden’ which she set up over a decade ago. She is none other than the charismatic woman entrepreneur and noted horticulturalist from Zhangzhou in China, Ms. Rita Chen.

Nohen Garden offers good quality agriculture and farming options and many other China plants, goods, as they are an identified manufacturer. The manufactory of Nohen Garden is positioned in China. It has been handling its operations for many years now. They are one of the biggest natural plants supplier in Zhangzhou of China, with good quality and pretty competitive price. Their main products are lucky bamboo, ficus microcarpa, cactus, sansevieria, pachira and other China plants.

Located in Zhangzhou, Fujian, their ginseng ficus nursery has a yearly capacity of 5 million pots. They sell ginseng ficus to Holland, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India, Iran, etc. For the excellent quality, competitive price, and integrity, they have won widely reputation from customers and cooperators both at home and abroad.

Rita Chen, founder of Nohen Garden, told this journalist (Shri Ram Shaw) in an exclusive interview over phone from Zhangzhou, “Our nursery Zhangzhou Nohen Horticulture Co. Ltd., set up in 2010, is home to thousands of native tree, bonsai, indoor plants. We have more than 10 years in exporting China plants including lucky bamboo, cactus, pachira, ficus microcarpa, Sansevieria, etc all kinds of China plants and bonsai according to exporting quarantine standard, with 100000 spare meter bases and 6 warehouses in Guangzhou and Fujian province.”


Kindly tell us something about yourself and your Nohen Garden.

Rita: I am the founder and general manager of Nohen Garden which is exporting all kinds of China plants and bonsai for more than 10 years. Nohen Garden – Zhangzhou Nohen agriculture development Co. Ltd. is located in Shaxi, Fujian – China ficus town, specializes in producing, processing all kinds of Chinese bonsai and plants with professional greenhouses. Our main products are ficus microcarpa, lucky bamboo, sansevieria, pachira cactus and other landscape bonsai and plants for different projects and nursery. Our value is to be practical and creative. Our vision is to be the most influential company in plants area. Our mission is to do a small thing to perfection. We welcome everyone to visit our nursery and become our friends.

What ignited this passion in you to protect Nature?

Rita: I like plants and plants can reduce human tension, and I get happiness from them. The very subject – ‘Nature’ is quite close to my heart.

What are your aims, your future plans to make foray into Indian market?

Rita: I want to become the largest China exporter in India and we will have team in India for “after-sales service”. Our company use the mode of company+base+farmers business, the integration of local nursery stock resources, perennial throughout the country and overseas nursery stock suppliers, flower wholesalers supply, quality and price advantage.

Our company has more than 100000 square meters seedling base in Shaxi town, planting all kinds of plants especially the ficus microcarpa. We have the ficus ginseng and ficus S shape also the strange root and so on. the plants are sold to big major cities in China, widely used in roads, communities, parks, Green, large-scale company meetings, garden exhibitions, exported to South Korea, Dubai, Pakistan, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries and regions.

Do you think, India is a better market for Chinese horticulture sector?

Rita: Yes, I think so. Our company mainly sells all kinds of ficus bonsai, Cactus, succulent plants, Cycas, Pachira, bougainvillea, lucky bamboo and other high-quality ornamental green plants. Ficus is our main product. It is with fantastic and big root and lush foliage. Ficus microcarpa bonsai show you botanical art and amazing power of nature. Special ficus ginseng bonsai is called as “China root”, only available in Zhangzhou Fujian. It is a good gift to China, popular in the world and huge demand and exported to all countries.

Our company adheres to the “integrity-based, wide make friend, cooperation win-win” business philosophy, dedicated to “Zhangzhou afforest nursery stock” and “sand west banyan tree” two brands, sales continue to increase, sales scope and field expands unceasingly, by customers’ praise. At this point, we are looking forward to welcome friends both at home and abroad sincerely…peers, experts to visit base to discuss cooperation, create brilliance.

What do you think is the greatest threat to Earth today?

Rita: I think, it’s plastic rubbish and automobile exhaust that is taking a toll on human health and environment too. Climate change is also an area of a major concern.

Do you think technological advancements can minimise the impact on Nature?

Rita: Yes, I think so. That’s why we focus on innovations and enthusiasm, while go on developing steadily with feet on ground. We want to be your friends with win-win co-operation spirit.

Going by the recent developments in Sino-India relationships, it can be said that it’s not at par. What’s your opinion on easing the estranged bilateral ties?

Rita: Win-win is best for India and China. We hope, India can accept China and become good friends. Right now it’s very difficult for us to apply for Indian visa. We would like to see the normalisation of India-China relations which will benefit the whole world. We understand there are serious impediments to that very serious border problem between the two countries. India and China must work together to cement ties. It is entirely a bilateral matter between India and China. The sooner there is normalisation between the two countries, the better for the whole world.

What would you like to tell our readers?

Rita: Working hard brings life, very good power and the enthusiasm is the key to success. We are such kind of people and we want to have good chance to work with you and grow together with you.



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