PM dials to his old journalist friend

PM dials to his old journalist friend
Old memory of gujrat, law kumar mishra
Law kumar mishra
PATNA’ Prime Minister,Narendra Modi is still concerned over the families of the youths who fell victims to the October 2013  serial blasts at Hoonkar Rally
On Friday night,he telephoned to the former journalist of the Times of  India ,Law Kumar Mishra and recalled the incident .Then chief minister of Gujtat Mr Modi was PM candidate of NDA
He dialled to the surprise of Mishra ,whom he knew since his Gujarat days,four days back
Prime Minister in a happy mood.  and said’ for me Sun rise was in the west today,as I got your contact number today’
He recollected his experiences with Mishra
Who was posted in Gujarat  when Mr Modi was a pracharak of RSS,Kashmir in late 90s when he was general secretary of BJP and 1998 when both met at Bhopal when Mishra was special correspondent of the Times of India and Modi was general secretary of the party
prime minister told Mishra ” now,I have your contact number,I will meet you at Patna next time’.
He vividly recalled different experiences at different places. With the former journalist of the Times of India
Law Kumar  Mishra said Prime Minister talked as if lost friends were meeting after a long gap.


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