Aids,cancer,termite ,Bihar leaders called as Nitish turns to Baap and Beta abuses





PATNA: After the caste survey controversy in Bihar,leaders of the RJD,BJP and JDU are now engaged in exchange of abuses against each other’s.
RJD president,Lalu Prasad took the lead by claiming cancer can not be cured by drugs for headache. BJP state president reacted by describing Lalu as Cancer of Bihar
Tejpratsp Yadav,forest and environment minister,who is elder son of Lalu responded by calling Chaudhury Aids
Chief minister,Nitish Kumar also joined the controversy by saying” who is Samrat Chaudhury.I had given honour to his Baap( father) by making him an MP,MLA and minister.His son who was not even 25 was made a minister by father of Tejpratsp Yadav( Lalu). He is talking nonsense
Samrat  did not wait for long and replied” Nitish could become CM because of my father who through his social engineering of Koeri_ Kushwaha_Kurmi vote bank gor him elected as Samta party leader”
BJP leader continued” my father is not like Nitish Kumar’s father who was a fake freedom fighter.My father had served in the Army and participated in 1962,65,71 wars.At that time,Nitish was in half pant.
Samrat lambasted Nitish by accusing him” he got the statue of his father and wife( Mrs Nitish) installed at government cost on government land.I got the statue of my mother,a former MLA installed on my private land and on our cost”.
JDU prinicipal spokesman,Neeraj Kumar called Samrat”Lampat( lumpen)..Tejpratsp also reacted by describing BJP leader” termite ( deemak” who would destroy BJP..
Samrat had started his political career as minister of state in RJD,later joined JDU,when Nitish made him urban development minister and in 2021 joined BJP to become panchayati Raj minister.
Prashant Kishore,political strategist who is on his year long Jan Suraj Padyatra regretted below the belt comments of top leaders .
He said” fact is people of Bihar treat these leaders as theirass leaders and vote for them only”.Prashant Kishore had worked with Narendra Modi,Nitish Kumar,Mamta Banerjee and Lalu too.


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